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The well known domain registrar, Go Daddy, Inc., is bringing its cost cutting ways to the market of SSL, or secure sockets layer, certificates for use with ecommerce sites and they are going to offer as well. Recently, the company started to sell 128 bit SSL certificates by way of Starfield Technologies subsidiary.


With a huge reseller network and customer base + the help of many, Go Daddy has been positioned to make a major impact in the world of SSL, where a great many of the certificates have been put out by three companies, including GeoTrust, The Comodo Group and VeriSign, which also owns Thawte. They are looking to become a major player in that particular industry and they have worked for roughly a year to try to prepare for it by the new eCom success Academy 2018 updates in review.

Priced at $89.95, the Go Daddy certificates are well below the comparable products from VeriSign at $199 to $349/year and up, and GeoTrust at $149 a year. With the Comodo Group, the Pro SSL certificate is selling for $69, but it differs a bit from the others that are available in that it relies on a ‘chained’ root that is owned by a third party called BeTrusted.

It has been said that Starfield Technologies bought the Class 2 Policy Validation Authority within the previous year. Because they bought a certificate authority that is existing and ‘trusted’, Go Daddy ensured that all the Starfield certificates are going to be accepted by at least 99% of the web browsers, to include Internet Explorer 5.01 and up, AOL 5 and up, Netscape 4.7 and up and Opera 7.5 and up. Find more here:download eCom success academy here –

The validation process of Starfield will verify business applicants are registered with the local or state authorities, owning the domain for the certificate that is being purchased.

Go Daddy went into the domain registration field in 1999, when the domains were priced at just $35 a year. This company from Scottsdale, Arizona currently sells their .com domains for about $7.95 a year and the .biz names for as little as $4.95. This aggressive pricing has helped them to become the fastest hosting provider that is the fastest growing out of recent months, with well over 1.9 million host names like eCom success academy.

The Netcraft Secure Server works to examine encrypted transactions that are used online through detailed automation exploration of the internet. Every month, it provides data in a timely fashion regarding the amount of companies that are doing such encrypted transactions, the servers software that they are using, and the certificate issuer market share.

Adrian Morrison has talked about implementing the SSL certificate into your eCommerce and drop shipping business in one of his latest updates of eCom Success Academy. He said that it is crucial to install an SSL certificate on your website to ensure trust and security for your customers – besides that Google will get you a “not secure” status on your website when people will try to find you using their search engine. Recently GFKamerica has published a full review of eCom Success Academy covering the importance of SSL certificates as well.

eCom Success Academy 2019 Update

The drop shipping eCommerce course by Adrian Morrison called eCom Success Academy is being updated with new features, new training content and a new dashboard. The 2019 updates will be released on May 21 and will only be available for students who will join till the 4th of July. eCom Success Academy has become the official Shopify course since his first release in 2017 and the best selling eCommerce course. You can find more information about the training course on the official website: or you can read the recent review of eCom Success Academy by

Stuck With Your Business? Find a Perfect Mastermind

There are a number of ways that you can find a mastermind group in you rarea, or a group online that can help you.

  1. Search Google for “mastermind group for _”Whether you are looking for a mastermind group for online marketing, writing, parenting, entrepreneurship, or something else entirely, you can probably find one online if you know where to look. Whether the groups in the search results 1are active or not is an interesting question. Some may be rather quiet but keep looking and you will find a good group
  2. Search Google “mastermind group in [your area]”There are mastermind groups in New York, Toronto, California and most othermajor areas. Make sure that the group matches your niche as well as your area. A fashion group won’t help you if you’re looking to grow your tech business. You need a group that matches your goals.
  3. Ask any existing mentors you haveIf you have someone that you look up to professionally or personally, ask them if they know of a mastermind group, or are open to starting one. Some people run groups for people who have bought products or services from them, and you may have missed out on the invite. Some people might decide to run one if they find out that the demand is there. It’s a good business opportunity and a service that is genuinely helpful for the people who decide to take advantage of it. A group that comes alongside a course is a great option that could help you to grow your business or live up to your goals and it could help you to be more accountable and motivated.
  4. Go on – has hundreds of meetup groups to choose from. The only downside with this is that the groups are free. If you want to find a really good mastermind you might want to consider – this website at This means that the members are a bit less committed and motivated than paying members would be. The official website has moved to 

It’s still a good way to get a feel for mastermind groups, though and it could be quite helpful.There are mastermind groups all over the world and some of them are small and aspirational, while some of them are made up of CEOs, or executive directors of big companies.

Some other masterminds that you haven’t thought of

To an extent, the cabinet of a government is a mastermind group with secretaries that are in charge of specific areas of the business. Even Weight Watchers is a mastermind group and it is something that the company uses to keep people happy and motivated while on their journey. The traditional mastermind idea is to have groups that meet monthly or quarterly so that they can help each other. The way that they do this can vary, but the idea is mutual benefit. There aren’t really online directories because the groups tend to be invite only and private. However a good place to start is the GFK website – read more in their review – moved to knowledge for business blueprint in-depth review. They lack websites because they want to keep their membership small. Joining a group requires an invite so that they can make sure that people are a good fit for the group. You don’t buy your way into the group, it’s about far more than just money. …

The New Valicert 7 Figure Business Certificate


What Are The Certificates You Definitely Need for Your 7 Figure eCommerce Shop?

The e-commerce business is booming and so are eCommerce certificates ensuring your website security. It is undisputed among experts that the use of e-commerce solutions in the procurement and distribution of goods and services will become increasingly relevant in the future as well. Thus, there are various business models available to reach customers over the Internet. For companies that want to reach a large number of customers, choosing the right business model and the right certificates is crucial.

You may want to learn e-commerce from training courses if you want to start a successful 7 figure e-commerce business. There are a number of different e-commerce business models that you should learn about if you want to create a new web company. Of of the best on the market right now is Aidan Booth’s 7 figure cycle.

Some examples of traditional 7 Figure e-commerce Models

B2B or business to business –This is an E-commerce model in which all participants are Business or other types of organizations. Alibaba is one example of a B2B e-commerce model. It is a supplier that is selling to retailers on this website.

B2C or business to the customer –This is an E-commerce model in which businesses sell to buyers. You can web hotel booking sites that fall into this category. E-commerce Model Online retail also will fall under this category. You could think of Amazon and other online retailers that fall under this category.

These are just some of the examples of traditional online retail and e-commerce. There are very common and you will see a lot of successful businesses employing these models of e-commerce. But those are not all of the business models that you can follow. There are newer ways of doing business online, and it will be worth knowing about these newer models of e-commerce. The Internet is fundamentally changing consumer buying habits. New, disruptive solutions and technologies have to be found to stand out in the e-business and stand out from the mass of offers. Changing consumer behaviour means business models need to be reconsidered to fit the needs and ensure the best possible customer experience. Learn more about how to build a 7 figure eCommerce business on Check their official Twitter account as well:

Watch the video below to see how you can build a 7 Figure eCommerce business from scratch:

Subscription Models and The Usage of 7 Figure eCommerce Certificates Like Valicert

Subscriptions are not new, but start-ups that sell everyday products such as condoms or razor blades online and thus they beat outdated traditional brands. Businesses such as Dollar Shave Club and The Rubber Club. Offer regular deliveries and help customers to save time. Also, both companies can adapt to the personal needs of their subscribers – whether weekly, monthly or semi-annual delivery, everything works. The customer consumes how it fits in with his or her life situation, preferably from home.

Many online publications have also naturally shifted to the subscription model to sustain their business using 7 figure business certificates like the ones from Valicert. And content creators have also used subscription payment services such as Patreon to create a thriving business for themselves.

Mobile e-commerce models

In particular, the mobile Internet revolution has significantly changed the purchasing process. Around the world, the trend of mobile commerce revenue grew by as much as 100 percent. Customers want flexible sales channels that adapt to their lifestyles. Companies have recognized the potential and combine the mobile trend with social shopping. Many apps have specialized themselves to become flea markets on a mobile platform.…

ValiCert Enables Banks and Corporations to Connect Confidently with Email Marketing

Through a proven suite of products and services, the ValiCert Cash/Treasury Management solution incorporates the key building blocks of a secure framework for deepening the relationship between banks and their corporate clients with their new email marketing software – check out the new features here:

Banks can now offer a trusted solution to their corporations via another low-cost delivery channel—the Internet. And corporations will enjoy the ability to manage cash held by their strategic banking partners—in real time—via a secure, efficient, Web-enabled system.

Optimal, Efficient Cash Management for Email Marketing

The Internet provides an ideal channel through which banks can offer fee-based, cash management services to corporations, who increasingly wish to proactively manage their most liquid and tangible asset—cash. However, the Internet poses security risks.

Trust Solutions
Our offerings, deployable as products or as a ValiCert managed service, combine the latest Internet technologies and financial cryptography, allowing banks to deliver secure, instantaneous Web-based cash management solutions to their corporate customers using email marketing tools like Inbox Blueprint. Furthermore, these solutions give corporate treasurers confidence that only currently authorized personnel can access information and execute transactions with the new emailing tool called Inbox Blueprint.…