Certificate For GFKamerica.com – Short Update

Just a quick update on what we have been doing. We recently installed a certificate on the backend of gfkamerica for their newest page for the super affiliate system and the dropship on demand page.

Having a secure connection for their customers is something they take great pride in and hence they decide to reach out to use for our help. If you need any help with secure networks and certificates, make sure you reach out to us via our contact us page.

They needed extra security as they are processing credit card and personal information for their customers.

You can check out the page and the full analysis of the super affilaite system at GFKamerica.com

Another thing that they needed a extra secure ssl certificate was the dropship on demand by gearbubble and Don Wilson. This is an application that is integrated with a persons computer and the connection has to be secure in order to prevent any leakage on both sides. You can read more at gfkamerica.com on their dropshipod.com page.

Certificates on affiliate sites

If you are doing online marketing and utilizing affiliate marketing, you are probably using some sort of opt-in form, cookies and maybe even some sort of a tracking system.

ssl for online marketing

To be completely safe and avoid losing any data, you should incorporate a certificate on your website. For example, this website is reviewing the profit engine course by Mark Ling (www.neworganizing.com) and has an SSL certificate installed.

When you install a ssl certificate, all of the information on the website is encrypted and the chance of them risking any data loss or anything similar is slim.

When using any sort of payment system, you should also strongly consider using an SSL. That is the case when for example, you are selling a digital course or any other sort of product online. Another good example of a ssl that is place the way it should be is on the GFK website. They are not selling anything, but do have an opt-in form on their website.

Check out this video of how and SSL works:

Here is what we suggest: get an certificate installed!

There are different options available and guides online.

It has become increasingly important to have an certificate especially in affiliate marketing.

If you are not with the concept, you can find more online and educate yourself.…