Valicert provides secure authentication and communication software for securing file transfers, business processes and messaging over the internet. Valicert has merged with TumbleWeed Communications and no longer operates as a separate entity.

Valicert software is the most secure,
highest performance, and has the
best return on investment of any
solution on the market

Valicert provides enterprise file transfer management and authentication software for financial messaging, EDI, and business process integration over the Internet. Our innovative solutions are modular, scalable, automated, and easy to integrate with legacy back-end systems.
Valicert SecureTransport™
Secure, enterprise-class file transfer over public networks

Valicert Validation Authority™
Market leading and vendor-neutral digital certificate validation solution

Valicert Document Authority™
Secure, legal-grade information collaboration and document sharing system

Specific industries have special requirements unique to their sectors. Please click below to see how our specific solutions are used in your industry.

Today’s leading financial institutions, insurers, government agencies, and enterprises rely on Valicert software to securely connect with their customers and business partners for mission-critical business. With credentials like these, shouldn’t you learn more about Valicert eCommerce and business certificates?

  • 7 of the top 10 US banks and 6 of the top 10 European banks use Valicert solutions.
  • 45 Fortune 500 corporations rely on Valicert solutions.
  • More than 100,000 users in the US Federal government depend on Valicert.

Now that much of the Internet hype has died away, the world is looking for solutions to real business problems that can save money and increase efficiency. Secure data delivery over the Internet is emerging as a critical need for large enterprises and financial institutions. Valicert is gaining industry momentum due to our superior technology, hundreds of proven mission-critical deployments, and our methodology that assures a strong return on your investment.

We have deep experience and unique expertise in solving problems for specific vertical markets. We welcome you to learn more about how we provide cost-effective, high-return on investment solutions to the banking, insurance and healthcare, supply chain and government sectors.