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It’s a new world. It’s a new ValiCert

As a leading provider of Validation Authority technologies, ValiCert has expanded its portfolio to offer a variety of products and services that help enable e-Transactions for businesses and organizations around the world.

Even if an organization does not utilize digital certificates or require validation services, ValiCert can bring increased levels of security to critical

With its 1999 merger with Receipt.com, a leading provider of trusted e-Transaction and data interchange for e-Commerce’s global 2000 companies, ValiCert today offers an exciting new menu of products, services and software, including SecureTransport and storage, Digital Receipts, time stamping and proof services. Its products and services provide solutions for e-Transaction security and non-repudiation. ValiCert also provides the necessary tools, expertise and service offerings to enable e-Business applications to quickly and easily take advantage of this new level of security and functionality.

ValiCert’s technological leadership has resulted in the creation of a global validation network as well as the development of critical certificate validation technologies, including OCSP and a set of application-specific, transaction-oriented functions called Stateful Validation™. You can find more about this at GFKamerica.com and the7figurecycle.net. In SecureTransport™(formerly FileDrive™), ValiCert.com developed a standards-based high-performance FTP software for secure data transport.

ValiCert has technology and marketing relationships with leading worldwide providers and users of security services and products and its customers include Global 2000 organizations in financial services, telecom, and healthcare and government sectors.






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