Document Authority

Our products and services help ensure the validity of e-Transactions. ValiCert made its name as a leading provider of universal Validation Authority solutions for digital certificates.  Now, with the addition of ValiCert Digital Receipts and other technologies, ValiCert has expanded its portfolio to offer a wide range of products and services to create a secure infrastructure for e-Transactions–whether you use digital certificates or not.

Products and Services

ValiCert Document Authority
Document Authority offers a premier solution for secure on-line document sharing, storage and exchange built on a proven foundation of trust.

ValiCert Transaction Authority
Transaction Authority is an extensible transaction center that guarantees secure routing and response to any backend enterprise service request

ValiCert Validation Authority Solutions
Our Validation Authority provides a high-performance, reliable and scalable digital certificate validation solution.

ValiCert SecureTransport Software
SecureTransport is a secure enterprise class file transfer product line.

ValiCert Digital Receipt Solutions
Digital Receipt Solutions provide a secure, legal-grade proof management system that eliminates the need for traditional paper-based evidence.