Validation Authority™

Market-Leading and Vendor-Neutral Digital Certificate Validation Solution

Digital certificates basically gives you the option to have an online (virtual) ID for personal or online businesses.
However, these digital credentials (virtual IDs) can expire, are stolen or revoked.

Companies that are operating online, should get and confirm their online certificates and make sure they are valid and up to date.

valicert online business secure transactions workflow

The Valicert Validation Authority:

  • Enables you to manage risk by validating identity and has a 2-step transaction-specific authorization
  • Liability and fraud are reduced to minimal risk
  • Enables compliance with the existing operating procedures and makes the transactions legally valid and binding
  • Valicert is the leader in online business transaction validation and runs on 85% of Identrus member banks

The Valicert Validation Authority has two options – a stand alone product or a ASP partner managed service

Ecommerce Applications

  • Supply and order chain management
  • Different Marketplace auction bid management
  • B2B eCommerce processing via Identrus

Insurance and Finance Applications

  • Identrus banking applications
  • Optional Equity trading management
  • Secure Funds transactions
  • Insurance claims secure processing
  • Electronic bill calculation and processing
  • A variety of Warranty and Payment services

Healthcare Management Certification

  • Prescription certificate management
  • Patient records management

Government Applications

  • Tax applications processing
  • A variety of Permit process management