Stuck With Your Business? Find a Perfect Mastermind

There are a number of ways that you can find a mastermind group in you rarea, or a group online that can help you.

  1. Search Google for “mastermind group for _”Whether you are looking for a mastermind group for online marketing, writing, parenting, entrepreneurship, or something else entirely, you can probably find one online if you know where to look. Whether the groups in the search results 1are active or not is an interesting question. Some may be rather quiet but keep looking and you will find a good group
  2. Search Google “mastermind group in [your area]”There are mastermind groups in New York, Toronto, California and most othermajor areas. Make sure that the group matches your niche as well as your area. A fashion group won’t help you if you’re looking to grow your tech business. You need a group that matches your goals.
  3. Ask any existing mentors you haveIf you have someone that you look up to professionally or personally, ask them if they know of a mastermind group, or are open to starting one. Some people run groups for people who have bought products or services from them, and you may have missed out on the invite. Some people might decide to run one if they find out that the demand is there. It’s a good business opportunity and a service that is genuinely helpful for the people who decide to take advantage of it. A group that comes alongside a course is a great option that could help you to grow your business or live up to your goals and it could help you to be more accountable and motivated.
  4. Go on – has hundreds of meetup groups to choose from. The only downside with this is that the groups are free. If you want to find a really good mastermind you might want to consider – this website at This means that the members are a bit less committed and motivated than paying members would be. The official website has moved to 

It’s still a good way to get a feel for mastermind groups, though and it could be quite helpful.There are mastermind groups all over the world and some of them are small and aspirational, while some of them are made up of CEOs, or executive directors of big companies.

Some other masterminds that you haven’t thought of

To an extent, the cabinet of a government is a mastermind group with secretaries that are in charge of specific areas of the business. Even Weight Watchers is a mastermind group and it is something that the company uses to keep people happy and motivated while on their journey. The traditional mastermind idea is to have groups that meet monthly or quarterly so that they can help each other. The way that they do this can vary, but the idea is mutual benefit. There aren’t really online directories because the groups tend to be invite only and private. However a good place to start is the GFK website – read more in their review – moved to knowledge for business blueprint in-depth review. They lack websites because they want to keep their membership small. Joining a group requires an invite so that they can make sure that people are a good fit for the group. You don’t buy your way into the group, it’s about far more than just money. 

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