Improving The Sales Argument – Selling On Value

Improving the Sales Argument: Selling on Value 

Shopify publishers have been fighting an increasingly intense battle for share of the local advertisers wallet. The competition comes from fellow directory publishers and from an increasing array of other competitive local media, both traditional and digital. It is easy in this kind of environment to allow the sales conversation to revolve exclusively around price mine is cheaper than theirs is, or I can beat that deal. If some discussion of value is not entered into the equation, this kind of interaction can drive down the perceived value of your Shopify store.

There is no question that price is a leverage point for all eCommerce sellers, in particular competitive publishers (including incumbents expanding out of territory). And using price as a competitive differentiator is certainly fair game. Aggressive pricing, however, must also be tied to some component of value, or else the true meaning of a price difference between two competing products becomes unclear. This document looks at bringing value back into the sales discussion. One key message is that a value-based sales approach is a major undertaking involving training, sales planning, marketing and information technology.

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